About Me

Welcome to g-cg.com, Sebastian Giannoulatos’ website and online portfolio

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka notes that each kid had a selfish reason to visit. All but Charlie who was ‘just happy to be there’.
That’s me in a nutshell; getting to work at a game studio, collaborating with a group of creatives to make someones vision the best it can be is what I’ve dreamed about and worked towards most of my life.

I was 11 years old when I played Metal Gear on my friends NES, from then on I knew I wanted to make virtual worlds. The cacophony of shape and symmetry of form found in nature have always fascinated me. I love empty spaces that feel like they were used only moments ago.
Growing up, I split my time sketching and making observations in nature and building levels in whatever new tool was made available at the time. In 2007 I attended Full Sail University to perfect my craft.
I graduated in 2009 having shown my determination through a perfect attendance record and having achieved the Valedictorian title.

I specialize in modeling, texturing and lighting organic and architectural environments, vehicles, hard surface mechanical objects and more. I feel most strongly about creating environments. Finding the balance between jaw dropping locales that transport the player into another world and technical efficiency such as making those visuals possible on the target platform is a puzzle I never grow tired of; whenever such a problem presents itself I tackle it with joyous enthusiasm.

On this site you will find screenshots and videos of my current and past works. Feel free to browse the site at your convenience. Check out the Blog section where you’ll find the latest thoughts and comments about past and current works as well as the Work in Progress galleries and the newly added tutorials section.

– Sebastian Giannoulatos
E-Mail: sebastian.giannoulatos@gmail.com
Phone: +41-79 136 52 69